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Pamphlet design

A strong marketing strategy is very important in the corporate world of today. How a company markets itself and its products is what would help it establish itself in the market and that is what any company would like to do- establish itself in the market so that they could gain profits and sustain themselves in the long run. This is where the importance of a strong marketing strategy comes in and no marketing strategy is effective without good presentation. Presentation is key when it comes to the promotion or introduction of certain products in the market.

While some companies focus upon electronic mediums to make people aware of their existence and of their products/services, others go for print media to do the same. Where electronic media is concerned a company can influence a larger number of people via advertisement as compared to print media. However, print media has its advantages too. It is cheaper and unlike information found on the internet, it can be stored for consumption (viruses could remove such information from a laptop or computer’s software).

So, it’s all about how convenient a marketing strategy may be to some as opposed to others. Some would prefer going for cheaper methods to save costs and others may be able to go all out on their advertisement campaign because of the fact that they can afford to do so and because they would like to attract a larger and diverse clientele. This does not mean that one method is more successful than the other. At the end of the day, it is all about preferences for a company. Some companies that have gone for billboards and commercials haven’t done as well as those who have gone for print media.

There are various ways via which one could advertise a product, place, service or promote a cause. Some companies go for television and magazine commercials while others go for billboards, newspapers, online advertisement and such like. Electronic and print media, both, are very effective methods of advertisement. Much like anything else, regardless of the mode of advertisement, the presentation is what matters really.

If you’re going for a pamphlet you’d have to pay attention to the design and presentation. Often people toss pamphlets aside thinking that it’s just another boring piece of paper with useless information printed on it. You need to design your pamphlet in a way that it passes your message on to the people you want to target in an effective manner. The more attractive you make your pamphlet, the more people would want to understand what it’s all about read through its contents. One needs to pay close attention to the details on the pamphlet because these intricacies could have a negative or positive affect upon someone who comes across a pamphlet.

People need to be able to see that what you’re offering in your pamphlet is different from what other companies have to offer. This does not refer to the product: it refers to your pamphlet itself. You need to design your pamphlet so that rather than thinking "Here’s another unnecessary and tacky pamphlet" people would want to read your pamphlet. This is all dependent upon presentation and on the way you design your pamphlet.

A pamphlet could be much more beneficial than the use of billboards and newspaper commercials. Where billboards and newspaper commercials are concerned you might not able to emphasize upon certain features of a product or services that you’re offering. When going for pamphlets, you could always use pamphlets to lay emphasis upon certain attributes, traits and features of certain products. For example, one may be able to advertise the introduction of a new mobile phone into the market by using billboards but it would be difficult to stress upon the benefits of certain features of the product because you wouldn’t have enough space to do so on the billboard.

Pamphlets can be more engaging and create a lasting impression (good or bad) upon people. Is your pamphlet’s design attractive enough for people? Do you feel that you’d want to keep a pamphlet similar to the one you have designed, if you were a customer? Is your tone engaging enough in the pamphlet? Would you want to look at the pamphlet again in order to get certain information or just to go through it? Had you seen your pamphlet, would you be able to understand whatever message you’re trying to convey to your customers via the pamphlet or do you think you need to be more simplistic in the jargon you use?

Is your pamphlet’s design such that it would be able to explain customers what your product is in a comprehensive manner? What is your product?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before designing/making a pamphlet. The more engaging your pamphlet is, the higher the chances that people would want to take a second look at it or go through it. This way, even if they’re not looking to buy what you have to offer, at least people would be aware of your purpose, product and motive.

If you’re a company that has the funds to go for print and electronic media, you could use pamphlets to elaborate upon whatever it is that you’re advertising on billboards and television commercials. Again, how you design your pamphlet is important. Designing a pamphlet to attract a niche market may be challenging. Why? This is because when you have a specific market in mind you need to be able to think about what it is that would attract these guys to your products/services.

Targeting the masses is much easier because your design could/would be the same for everyone and you wouldn’t have to put in double the effort just to convince a specific segment of the market to buy your product. If you’re targeting a specific group analyze its interests and what attracts it. Think over what it is that attracts this specific group. Perhaps you could distribute pamphlets in a place where your target market is mostly seen. For example, if you’re trying to promote an energy drink, you could give pamphlets at health studios and gyms since the chances are that people at these places would need gym for their workouts.

The pamphlet design is totally dependent upon your goals and your product. If you want to create awareness about certain diseases or medical conditions, you’d probably use pictures of people suffering from a certain disease or medical condition in order to create an impact upon people. If you want to attract people to a certain product, you need to be able to design your pamphlet in a way that you can sell the product to the target market and convince them that it would be beneficial if they tried your product. Images, real life stories from people who’ve tried a product or certain services and a nice design are usually quite useful at attracting others or at convincing others, too. It’s all about what all you mention in the pamphlet and how you manage to do so.

The design you use may, either, attract donors, clients, customers and people who want to know whatever it is that your business is handling or it could drive people away and make them feel like your flyer is not important and that it is boring. The way you promote your business through a pamphlet is what would have an impact upon the market. A boring pamphlet basically tells people that you don’t really care about the product or about them in regards to your product and that you’re just making half-hearted attempts at making small gains/profit.

Use the right format and think of the kind of people you’d like to attract. If the pamphlet is made for adults, you may need to adopt a more serious tone though with children you may be able to use an informal tone. Designs need to be used accordingly too. The designs are what attract a specific target market. For example, using too many colors to explain the benefits of a supplement to a gym-goer or to an older person may not be a wise thing to do because the diversity of colors used can be quite annoying for a person who reads the pamphlet. In this case you’d rather use one font, one color, one font size and one format.

The format style and font size needs to be understandable by all. Sometimes people cannot read what is written on a pamphlet but when they notice an image or certain phrases on the pamphlet, they may change their decision and read what has been mentioned on the pamphlet. Keep your clientele in mind before designing a pamphlet because that is what is going to help you come up with a pamphlet design according to the clientele. This is what is going to help you connect with your target market and that is the purpose of advertisement via pamphlet designs.

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