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Catalog design styles

When thinking about how to design a catalog, you have to think about your market, client (existing and potential), the message that you’re trying to convey and what it is that you’re trying to say through your catalog. Your catalog is like an advertisement: you have to attract people (whether you have a specific niche in mind or would like to attract the masses) and how you do so is dependent upon how you design your catalog. The design is usually what attracts people to read what’s written on the inside.

Different catalog design styles could be used to attract different sorts of customers and people within the market you want to attract. A newly established company may prefer going for simplistic catalog design styles because of the fact that getting a catalog designed is quite expensive. Hence, such a company would use simple designs as compared to well-established companies.

Companies that are well-established can afford to go for more extravagant catalog design styles. These may focus upon the brand of the company rather than the product itself. A company that has a large clientele can afford to spend money on its image and its brand because they have established themselves in the market and have the funds needed for elaborate catalog design styles.

While the design of a catalog is reflective of the purpose it is trying to achieve, the design style is something that makes a company’s catalog unique. It adds personality to the company’s catalog and may play a role in attracting more clients because people like to see uniqueness and the more personalized a company’s catalog, the more people would want to know what the catalog is about.

You have to attract people by, literally, allowing them to judge the cover of the book so that they want to pick it up and check out what it’s all about. Often people don’t really care what a catalog is about though they pick it up because they find it attractive. They may go through the catalog just to because it’s attractive. This way they would automatically come across information inside the catalog and that is what you want. The art of designing a good catalog is to be able to attract and make people read what’s written on the inside even when they never picked it up with the intention to do so.

Remember to focus on your audience. Are you trying to go for younger people who are still in high school and college? Or are you targeting the wealthy? What product are you trying to sell? What background does your audience belong to? Are you trying to sell something that’s trendy (such as clothes) or are you going for a product that’s well-established and already has a following (such as watches)? What is different about your product as compared to something that everyone else is selling?

If you’re going for the younger crowd using casual and funky catalog design styles would be useful. You need to use engaging design styles so that people want to go through your catalog. No one would like to read a catalog if it’s plain and boring.

If you’re going for wealthier and older clients you design styles need to reflect this. In this case you could go for elegant design styles to attract such a crowd. Your design style speaks to the people you want to attract. Your catalog is your way of convincing people that they need to check out whatever it is that you’re trying to sell but if you’re not using the right catalog design style not many people would be interested in checking out your product or message.

Now, say, you’re trying to convey a message to people regarding a disease or world-wide problem. Your catalog design style needs to be reflective of this. You can’t expect yourself to attract the kind of clients you want or need if you do not put in any effort into your catalog which basically helps you represent yourself.

Your catalog is representative of how professional you are. If you’re a professional you’d be able to convey your point and message to people effectively. This way people would be able to understand what your product, set up or services are all about. Your job is to use the catalog design style in a way that you could lure people in so that they are willing to read the catalog and get the message you’re trying to get across to them.

Regardless of whether your catalog is in book form or on the computer, you need to be clear as to how you want to use design styles in/on your catalog because this is how you are going to spread your message: by attracting people so that they want to go through your catalog.

You probably have many other competitors in the market. You need to show people how your company and what it has to offer is different from other companies and the goods/services that they have to offer.

For example, anyone in the fashion industry can make clothes and design these but you need to be able to show people how the clothes that you’ve made are different from others. It is most likely that your competitors have made catalogs too. How does your catalog create an impression on customers? You need to think about this from the customers’ point of views because that’s how you’d be able to understand how you need to design your catalog and personalize it via the use of catalog design styles.

How you use the catalog to display your product or services counts a lot too. If, say, you’re opening up a gymnasium that offers personal training, clients need to be able to see and understand the services offered here. Perhaps you could take pictures of trainers talking to clients near some gym equipment to show people how interactive your trainers are and how they take an interest in their clients’ workouts. You could even take pictures of people working out at your gym to give an idea of the kind of clientele you want to attract and to give them and idea of the kind of environment you’re offering at your gym.

You could even give a few biographical lines about your trainers and their hard work to show people how serious you trainers really are. At the end of the day, the purpose is to sell your services and products via the use of catalogs and the more you show/explain people how you work, the more they would be attracted towards whatever it is that you’re offering. Make your product/services the center piece of your catalog. That is what you’re trying to sell after all.

Do not go for more than 2 to 3 font styles. You want to make your catalog simple to understand rather than making it difficult for people to read by using too many font styles. The font style used also depends upon who you’re trying to attract. If you want to attract the masses you could use one font style for everyone though if you’re targeting children you may consider using a bigger font size and font style for your catalog. You need to make it easy for your audience to read and get an idea of what it is that you’re trying to sell. How you decide to go about this is dependent upon who your audience is and on how you would be able to convey your message to the masses.

If you’re a well-established company, chances are everyone knows your logo and your catalog design styles too. Perhaps you could use the same design style when trying to explain another product of yours to the market. For example, if you’re a company that makes gym-wear and your logo is a dumbbell, you could use the same logo when selling, say, a protein shake or other supplements of the sort. Some companies even use a specific pattern in their design styles so that people are aware of the creator of a certain product.

Generally speaking, it is easier to use catalog design style when mass marketing rather than targeting a certain segment of the market. In the former case you could use the same design style for everyone, so long as you’re able to get your point across. In the latter, you need to be able to attract people and you’d have to keep their interests and what appeals to them in your mind. The more restricted and small the audience is in number, the more you need to think of how to attract that audience specifically. This could be tricky but again, if you are able to personalize the catalog design styles, that would be beneficial for you in the long run because that is how you would be able to separate your company and your goods and services from what others are offering to people in the market.

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