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Catalog design FAQs

Do the prices include catalogs printed on paper?

No, the prices on this website are for our professional design services, unless indicated otherwise. Though we do run some promotions that include printed catalogs, these are clearly noted. Printing is only available to clients within the Continental US.

Can supply printed catalogs?

Yes, but please note that we are currently offering this service only to clients located within the Continental US. Please contact us for pricing, which varies according to the type of printing, quantity ordered, grade of paper stock, shipping location, and other factors.

Why hire if I can do this myself in Word or similar software?

The difference is huge! We develop professional catalogs—like the ones you would see associated with the top national/international brands. They look and feel superb, and are bold, professionally laid out, and grab their audience—a catalog that’s ultimately in lock step with your brand's identity. A professional graphic designer can literally observe hundreds of different design aspects and angles, details overlooked by the untrained eye; this skill makes your catalog shine!

On the other hand, homemade catalogs look unprofessional and uninviting, regardless of the type of catalog template or software program used. The process is basic and looks cheap, so the old saying "you get what you pay for" really rings true!

It all depends on how you ultimately want to market your product or service. If you are really serious and you can afford it, don't be tempted by a cheap-looking catalog—your brand will only suffer and appear undesirable to your prospective clients. You'll end up wasting precious money, time, and effort; instead, invest in a professional catalog design firm, like, and watch the results come alive!

What about hiring a freelancer for my catalog?

Same as above—the difference between a professional catalog and one produced by a freelancer is incredible in terms of quality; furthermore, freelance designers cannot handle large projects like catalogs, and you may run into unexpected delays, extra costs, and copyright issues.

Can I pay with my credit card? Is this secure?

Yes, you can pay with your credit card or PayPal™ account directly online; it’s a simple process that’s available after a member of our sales or production team has contacted you. The payment links for the project are then forwarded. We use two of the largest online Merchant Service Providers/payment gateways, so you can rest assured that your financial transaction will be completely secure. Your credit card information is submitted directly to the payment processor, prohibiting sensitive data from being stored on our system.

Do you handle customers worldwide?

Yes, while our primary target market is the United States, we serve businesses all around the world. We have worked with clients in more than 50 countries, especially Europe and Saudi Arabia / UAE. We also have clients in China, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Korea, Kenya, Brazil, and many other countries.

How do I start my project with

Firstly, we will need your approval, followed by a down payment and the completion of a simple questionnaire—it takes just 10 short minutes. This allows us to get an insight into your business, as well as determine your requirements. Most clients will send content and pictures as a starting point, although we have access to our own set of professional copywriters for text, and use royalty-free image banks for imagery.

Do you supply web-versions of the catalogs?

Yes, we can supply you with PDF versions ready for e-mailing or posting to a website. We also offer a Web-based, catalog-browsing solution that looks incredible. Contact us for a demo!